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Apple (AAPL) 2010 Hold Report
Apple (AAPL) Hold Report
Apple (AAPL) Hold Report 2012
Stock: AmBev (NYSE:ABV), Joshua Feuerbacher, Hold, 9/17/2012
Stock: Advanced Auto Parts (NYSE: AAP), Christian Roeder, Buy ,11/23/13
Bonds: Ally Financial for Alcoa, Matthew Ady, 04/02/2014
Bonds: AngloGold for Petrobras, Sammi Smith, 04/09/2014
Stock: Advance Auto Parts (NYSE:AAP), Christopher Dodson, Hold, 9/9/2015
Stock: Activision Blizzard (NASD:ATVI), Simon Julin, Buy, 11/1/2015
Bonds: MGM Resorts for Raymond James, Jozsef Nemeth, 04/05/2014
Bonds: National Star Mortgage for IGT Game Technology, Daniel Sprusansky, 04/28/2014
Stock:American International Group (NYSE: AIG), Witt Shoaf, Hold, 9/6/2015
Stock: Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASD: ALXN), Gonzalo Arroyo-Baudet, Hold, 9/1/2015
Bonds: GenOn Energy for Computer Science Corp, Jeremy Goldberg, 04/23/2014
Bonds: GulfMark Offshore for Nabors Industries, Brett Hargaden,04/15/2014
Stock: Amsurg (NASD: AMSG), Lucas Diniz, Hold, 9/14/2015
Stock: American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT), Nicholas Kemick, Hold, 9/2/2105
Bonds: El Paso for Computer Science Corp, Christopher Aguirre, 04/13/2014
Bonds: Foot Locker for Meadwestvaco, Johnathan Canalizo, 04/16/2014
Stock: Advanced Auto Parts (NYSE: AAP), Michael Fiore, Hold, 09/17/2014
Stock: AmBev (NYSE: ABV), Jack Stautberg, Sell, 09/15/14
Bonds: 10Y U.S. Treasury, Buy, Gabriele Vittori, 04/01/2015
Bonds: Pimco for DreamWorks, Matthew Taylor, 04/01/2015
Stock: AIG (NYSE: AIG), Stephan Farias, Hold, 01/24/2015
Stock: AIG (NYSE: AIG), Minki Lee, Hold, 09/17/2014
Bonds: Hanover Insurance vs. Ally Financial, Shayn Sparks, 3/11/2015
Bonds: KB Homes for Nabors Industries, Travis Workman,04/14/2014
Stock: Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), Evan Sieg, Buy, 01/08/2014
Stock: Altria (NYSE: MO), Chester Espie, Buy, 11/05/2014
Bonds: Pimco for HealthSouth Corporation, JJ Lofthouse-Smith, 03/30/2015
Bonds: R.R. Donnelly for Bombardier, Kiara Urena, 03/23/2015
Stock: Alexion (NYSE: ALXN), Eric Ebersole, Buy, 10/28/2014
Stock: AmSurg Corporation (NASDAQ: AMSG), Evan Sieg, Buy, 10/29/2014
Bonds: Pimco for American Airlines, E. Krystal Somaza, 04/06/2015
Bonds: AirCastle for Embraer, Mark Lechler, 03/30/2015
Stock: American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT), Brittany Rathburn, Buy, 11/11/2014
Stock: American Tower Corporation (NYSE: AMT), Gabriele Vittori, Hold, 01/26/2015
Stock: Apple Computer (NASD: AAPL), Brian Belisle, Sell, 09/16/2013
Stock: Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU), Maria Abreu, Buy, 11/23/2014
Stock: Boston Beer Company (NYSE: SAM), Dylan Bateh, Buy, 11/05/2014
Stock: Caleba’s Inc. (NYSE: CAB), Nick Carpenter, Sell, 09/17/2014
Stock: Carmike Cinemas (NASDAQ: CKEC), Christopher Aguirre, Hold, 09/15/2014
Stock: Carmike Cinemas (NASDAQ: CKEC), Shayn L. Sparks, Hold, 01/22/2015
Stock: Chicago Bridge & Iron (NYSE: CBI), Matthew Taylor, Buy, 11/19/2014
Stock: Cognizant (NADAQ: CTSH), E. Krystal Somaza, Buy, 10/20/2014
Stock: Connecticut Water (NYSE: CTWS), Jamie Lofthouse-Smith, Buy, 10/27/2014
Stock: Deer & Co. (NYSE: DE), Adam Frocione, Sell, 09/10/2014
Stock: Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), E. Krystal Somaza, Hold, 01/24/2015
Stock: Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), Jozsef Nemeth, Hold, 09/15/2014
Stock: EnerSys (NYSE: ENS), Mark Lecher, Buy, 11/10/2014
Stock: Flowserve (NYSE: FLS), Maren Rygh, Hold, 09/13/2014
Stock: Gilead (NYSE: GILD), Stephen Small, Buy, 10/23/2014
Stock: Keurig (NYSE: GMCR), Chester R. Espie, Hold, 09/12/2014
Stock: Keurig (NYSE: GMCR), Matthew Taylor, Hold, 01/26/2015
Stock: Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL), Jeremiah Riddle, Buy, 11/23/2014
Stock: GrubHub (NYSE: GRUB), Chester Espie, Buy, 02/11/2015
Stock: Halliburton (NYSE: HAL), Eric Ebersole, Hold, 09/11/2014
Stock: The Howard Hughes Corporation (NYSE: HHC), Jamie Lofthouse-Smith, Hold, 09/12/2014
Stock: The Howard Hughes Corporation (NYSE: HHC), Jamie Lofthouse-Smith, Hold, 01/22/2015
Stock: Hexcel (NYSE: HXL), Nick Carpenter, Hold, 01/23/2015
Stock: Hexcel (NYSE: HXL), Jeremiah Riddle, Hold, 09/12/2014
Stock: Iridium (NASDAQ: IRDM), Gabriele Vittori, Buy, 11/31/2014
Stock: Iridium (NASDAQ: IRDM), Dylan Bateh, Hold, 01/26/2015
Stock: iShares S&P 500 Index IVV (NYSE: IVV), Jordan Schulz, Sell, 09/17/2014
Stock: Jack in the Box (NASDAQ: JACK), Mark Lechler, Sell, 09/15/2014
Stock: jetBLU (NASDAQ: JBLU), Gabriele Vittori, Sell, 09/12/2014
Stock: John Bean Technologies (NYSE: JBT), Evan Sieg, Sell, 09/12/2014
Stock: Signet (NYSE: SIG), Kiara Urena, Hold, 01/23/2014
Stock: Michael Kors (NYSE: KORS), Stephen Small, Hold, 09/15/2014
Stock: Magna (NYSE: MGA), Michael Fiore, Buy, 11/19/2014
Stock: Monster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ: MNST), Minki Lee, Buy, 11/17/2014
Stock: Altria Group (NYSE: MO), Chester Espie, Buy, 11/05/2014
Stock: Netflix (NYSE: NFLX), Jordan Schulz, Kiara Urena, Maren Rygh, Buy, 10/29/2014
Stock:Netflix (NYSE: NFLX), Erin Davis, Hold, 01/24/2015
Stock: NGL Energy Partners (NYSE: NGL), Kaitlyn Ochrym, Hold, 09/10/2014
Stock: OmniVision Technologies (NYSE: OVTI), Christopher Aguirre, Buy, 11/17/2014
Stock: OmniVision Technologies (NYSE: OVTI), Adam Frocione, Hold, 01/23/2015
Stock: Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL), Erin Davis, Buy, 11/22/2014
Stock: Royal Caribbean International (NYSE: RCL), Ben Rakus, Hold, 09/11/2014
Stock: Rightside (NASDAQ: NAME), Mark Lechler, Buy, 11/02/2015

Stock: The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (NYSE: SAM), Dylan Bateh, Buy, 11/02/2014

Stock: Signet (NYSE: SIG), Adam Frocione, Buy, 10/31/2014

Stock: US Silica (NYSE: SLCA), Ben Rakus, Buy, 11/07/2014

Stock: Sovran Self-Storage (NYSE: SSS), Gabriele Vittori, Buy, 11/04/2014

Stock: Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), Jozsef Nemeth, Buy, 10/31/2014

Stock: Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), Taylor Day, Hold, 01/22/2015

Stock: Synaptics (NYSE: SYNA), Kaitlyn Ochrym, Buy, 10/24/2014

Stock: Under Armour (NYSE: UA), Nick Carpenter, Buy, 11/11/2014

Stock: Under Armour (NYSE: UA), Stephan Small, Hold, 01/23/2015

Stock: United Rental (NYSE: URI), Mark Lechler, Buy, 24/01/2015

Stock: United Rentals (NYSE: URI), Scott Williams, Buy, 11/21/2014

Stock: Visa (NYSE: V), Shayn Sparks, Buy, 11/19/2014

Stock: Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC), Tyler Warmoth, Buy, 10/20/2014

Stock: WhiteWave (NYSE: WWAV), Jack Stautberg, Buy, 10/20/2014

Stock: WhiteWave (NYSE: WWAV), Eric Ebersole, Hold, 01/23/2015

Stock: Zillow (NASDAQ: Z), Scott Williams, Sell, 01/23/2015

Stock: Zillow (NASDAQ: Z), Matthew Taylor, Sell, 09/15/2014

Stock: Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), Tripp Bobay, Hold, 09/15/2012

Stock: Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), Matthew Buttner, Hold, 02/04/2013

Stock: AmBev (NYSE: ABV), Joshua Feuerbacher, Hold, 09/17/2012

Stock: AIG (NYSE: AIG), Luis Ocejo, Buy, 04/27/2013

Stock: AmBev (NYSE: ABV), Katrin Dagge, Hold, 02/06/2013

Stock: Atlas Pipeline (NYSE: APL), Matthew Buttner, Sell, 09/15/2012

Stock: Bolt Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: BOLT), Brian Belisle, Hold, 02/04/2013

Stock: Bolt Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: BOLT), Kyle Campbell, Hold, 09/15/2012

Stock: Cameco (NYSE: CCJ), Joseph Dye, Hold, 09/19/2012

Stock: C&J Energy Services (NYSE: CJES), Nathan Cox, Hold, 09/14/2012

Stock: Costco (NASDAQ: COST), Joseph Dye, Buy, 12/06/2012

Stock: CISCO (NASDAQ: CSCO), Tripp Bobay, Buy, 11/27/2012

Stock: CISCO (NASDAQ: CSCO), Rose McIntyre, Hold, 02/12/2013

Stock: Carlisle (NYSE: CSL), Kevin M Kang, Buy, 10/31/2012

Stock: Carlisle (NYSE: CSI), Kevin M Kang, Sell, 02/04/2013

Stock: CTS Corporation (NYSE: CTS), Justin Chambers, Hold, 09/19/2012

Stock: 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD), Justin Chambers, Buy, 12/03/2012

Bonds: Calumet Specialty Products for IGT Game Technology,Manuel Preg, 04/28/2014
Bonds: Commercial Metals Company for Computer Science Corp, Jared Penney, 04/09/2014
Bonds Elizabeth Arden for IGT Game Technology, Valery Popova, 04/23/2014
Bonds: Frontier Communications for IGT Gaming Technologies, Evan Jimmo,04/24/2014
Bonds: Kinder Morgan for Morgan Stanley, Rose McIntyre,03/18/2013
Bonds: Manitowoc for IGT Game Technologies, Jordan Bieber, 04/21/2014
Bonds: Owens Illinos for MeadWestvaco, Logan Gapsch, 04/14/2014
Bonds: Sprint Corp for Meadwestavco, Jack Stautberg, 04/09/2014
Bonds: ArcelorMittal for Titan International, Shayn Sparks, 03/11/2015
Bonds: Pimco for Avis Budget Group, Nick Carpenter, 03/29/2015
Bonds: MGM Resorts for Rent-a-Center, Scott M. Williams, 03/16/2015
Bonds: Pimco for Frontier Communications, Stephen Small, 03/23/2015
Bonds: Pimco for Clear Channel, Dylan Bateh, 03/30/2015
Bonds: ArcelorMittal for First Data Corporation, Eric Ebersole, 03/29/2015
Bonds: MGM Resorts for CHC Helicopter, Adam Frocione, 03/16/2015
Bonds: Pimco for LBG Capital, Stephan Farias, 03/31/2015
Bonds: Ally Financial for Navient Corporation, Taylor Day, 03/23/2015
Bonds: MGM Resorts for Outerwall, Michael Fiore, 03/16/2015
Bonds: R.R. Donnelley for Elizabeth Arden, Erin Davis, 03/23/2015