Hanging Around with Uncle Warren

Dr Ma, here is a short write up on our encounter with Warren Buffett:

During the Q&A with Warren Buffett, our team began to grow bored with the questions regarding the American economy, the school system, and which emerging markets are best to invest in.

So I took it upon myself to change the pace of the session. After waiting in line to ask a question, I found myself in front of the microphone and asked the great American icon “If you could eat ice cream with any person in history, who would it be? And what type of ice cream would you get?”

Mr. Buffett responded by telling the crowd that he would no doubt pick chocolate chip. Sometimes he eats it for breakfast! He also explained that it would be the most meaningful to him to be able to go out for ice cream with his father.

After several other terrible questions with very good answers, the session came to a close and we headed back to the hotel.

While walking back to the hotel, I hear a mans voice behind me say “You know, I’m not even sure who the last person I went out to ice cream with.” So naturally Rebecca, Filip, and I turn around to see none other than Warren Buffett himself.

When people talk about how down to Earth Mr Buffett is, they aren’t lying. He doesn’t have security detail, a driver, or overly fancy clothes. He was nice enough to stop and take an impromptu picture with the three of us.

Turns out Omaha is more exciting than we thought!

Gregory Bockhold
Stetson University


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