Olympic Stocks

The benefit of Olympic corporate sponsorship is so obvious so the right question to ask is “why not?”

Actually, major sponsors not showing at a given year say more negative than if they do.  The major difference in 2016 Rio Olympic is a first legit test on the effectiveness digital & mobile ads. Even before an expected 3.6 billion television audience will watch the greatest show on earth starting August 5, just between April and July 2016, more than 400 years’ worth of YouTube viewing on sponsors’ ads with spots from Always, Minute Maid and Visa and P&G were among those generating the most interest.

For sponsors, the key words are “mobile” and, therefore, “global.”

Visa uses the Olympic sponsorship to offer a platform to “show how Visa payment innovations are helping athletes, fans, cardholders and the clients improve experiences they care about” on a global basis.  Visa’s ads demonstrate their global payment options by showing a “typical” morning commute to “ride along” with Valerie Adams (New Zealand), Ashton Eaton (United States), and Alison Cerutti (Brazil).  Teaming up with Swatch, Visa took advantage of this lucrative opportunity to unveil the “Bellamy,” which is the first watch you can “swipe and pay.”

What company can pass up this once-every-four-years intense marketing exposure?  In the last 12 months alone, there have been more than 23,000 years’ worth of branded and non-branded posts on YouTube?

P&G seeks to sponsor athletes with the “Proud Sponsor of Mums” theme which is based on the bond between mothers and their children.  As a global family brand, P&G-owned Always’ latest #1LikeAGirl ads, a motherly figure, looks to motivate young girls to take up sports and has proved popular with YouTube viewers across the globe.  Modeled from “Best Job” 2012 Summer Games campaign, P&G’s “Thank You, Mom’ ad was released 100 days ahead of the first starting pistol to celebrate athletes’ mothers and hone in on their strength.

The spot has been a success!

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