Twitter’s original unique business model to reach a limited group, i.e., professionals on an open platform, is also the same factor to limit their growth.  Compared to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube, Twitter is not known for user engagement, content, or video streaming and user-friendliness, but being disadvantaged by its ease in being stalked and abused.

The criticisms on the endemic abuse on Twitter regarding racist and sexualized messages that even CEO Dorsey admitted, “We haven’t been good enough at dealing with the abuse, and we must do better.”

Twitter has struggled and failed to grow their user base over the years by strategically shifting from “fix the product and revenue will come” to “build a live mobile video business.” We think the change seems too late and too little.  The new live” streaming partnerships and original content shows that Twitter has been pushing lately may be seen as catching up to the existing powerhouses such as YouTube Red, Facebook, and of course Netflix.

We worry that the real-time streaming space is already over saturated that eventually everyone will do it.


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