Donald’s Stock Portfolio

Looking at his stock portfolio as of July 2015, it does not come remotely close to what you think Donald Trump is.  As controversial and flamboyant as he has been in public eyes, his stock portfolio couldn’t be more pedestrian & boring.  It consists of mainly 15 large-cap, household, high-dividend-paying stocks within the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The value of Trump’s alleged stock portfolio ranged between $33.4 million to $87.9 million. (The gap is so big because the FEC only requires presidential candidates to list their holdings within broad ranges.)  Anyway you look at it, his stock portfolio is neither serious nor significant, relative to his alleged net worth ranging from $2 billion to $10 billion.

Probably a real test for truly skilled investors is their hedge fund investments.  It was reported that 18 out of 21 hedge funds and mutual funds in Trump’s portfolio lost -8.5% in 2015, including Paulson’ 0.00%, BlackRock’s 0.26%, and Baron Capital’s -33.33% loss.

Trump’s hedge fund selection skill is “I put some money with people that are friends,” “I do very little hedge funds business.  I, for the most part, don’t believe in it.”   With respect to fund investments, ditto my comment of insignificance in last section!

Don’t forget Trump’s timing decision:

“About four years ago, when the market was low, I said, ’you know what? I’ll buy stock,’” said Trump during an interview,

“First time in my life, I never bought a stock in my life. And I’d read your magazine. I’d watch CNBC. I’d watch a couple of things.”

Although, you do need to give it to Donald’s first interest in stock market back in 2011, when his real estate business was reeling and the bank CD rates were near zero.

The real question is that why anyone would put his/her entire investment in real estate for the last 40 years.

Keep in mind, this article was written at 3/28/2016, posted at 11/7/2016.


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